What is a Challenge

What is a challenge in the context of the INGENIOUS platform?
A challenge is a need, a problem or a specific interest, aimed at being solved by the users of the platform with innovative / technological solutions, using the know-how and brainpower of the users of the platform.  The challenges must have a well-defined purpose and be framed within a time window of no more than 6 months (as a rule), and with varying needs in terms of skills.

The modality of participation in the challenge depends on the proponent of the challenge, who can select a solution worked as a team, under a consultancy or service provision, creation of start-up or others that best suit.

  •      Team constitution | Multidisciplinary teams, typically 3 to 5 members.
  •      Business Consulting
  •      Provision of services
  •      Start-up creation
  •      Others