With this new platform, it is aimed to develop an organized way to provide young students, whether they are 1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle, the conditions to participate in collaborative work with the aim of solving a challenge, creating a prototype or solution to a problem or societal interest.

These young university students will,  in the near future, be playing important roles in society, so it is important to instill in them this new way of approaching real problems and to be trained with a view to approaching them without fear and seeking solutions.

It is expected that young university students, under the guidance of a network of tutors specialized in several scientific areas, develop an integrative reasoning capacity in multidisciplinary areas, resulting in an in-depth and collaborative work to solve the chosen challenges and, personally, the development of entrepreneurial skills and a thrive for research and science.

Who are the players in this process? University students, tutors in different departments and research centers, companies and society in general.